The many faces of K. D. Morey- Author, Artist, Psychologist, and Geek

2015 will be stellar!


Despite starting off with a roller-coaster of events I return ready to show this year who’s boss. The release of my first book mixed with some more disruptive personal issues have resulted in some delays in updates.

Now that the dust has settled I can get on to the rest of the year ahead. I am in the process of having Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, and other independent bookstores carry my book. It is a lot of work but worth it so I can expand the audience for Beautiful Machine. And it deserves a wider audience. Some of the first feedback has been trickling in over the past month and the reviews are all very positive. It has been called everything from inspiring and page turning to the Tolkien of Sci-Fi. Wow.


More wow! Mythicworlds in February was a huge success. Of the box of books I brought with me only one did not find a home. I got a chance to speak on a panel alongside Charles DeLint. Chit chatted with Terryl Whitlatch about critter design and generally had a very good time.

Speaking of critters. The talented and amazing Lacey-Starr Crombie has posted the art from Beautiful Machine on her DeviantArt gallery. So if you would like to see even nicer versions of the art from my book and even a couple sketches that didn’t make the cut. Go check it out here-

I also have my own DA book gallery here-  Not as nice to look at but the seeds of my book are here along with a nice pic of Vahrael.


With my first con under my belt I am ready to keep going, this time with something more local. Cherry City Comic Con this year should prove to be interesting. It is the weekend of April 11th and 12th and has a few guests I look forward to seeing. I will be hanging out with the Borderlands Games folks signing books and generally letting my geek flag fly.

From there I will be looking into other local cons in the Willamette Valley. Salem, Eugene, and Portland area for now. Northwest Comic Fest and Rose City Comic Con are high on my priority list. More I will announce as I lock in plans.

Never one to sit idle I have ALSO just finished the last major edits for book two in the Orbs series- Promise Rising. It should go to the editor this week and I am aiming for a July/August release. This book so far has gotten EVEN BETTER feedback from my beta-readers than the first one. They tell me that as good as my first book was this one just knocks their socks off, going from great to incredible!

Whew! Enough for now. I have a lot of work to do. Until next time folks!

The Orb

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