The many faces of K. D. Morey- Author, Artist, Psychologist, and Geek

First book in 4 weeks or less!

It’s exiting times here for me.  Since October I have been working tirelessly on not only the sequel to my first book but on getting its predecessor published.

Within 4 weeks or less, my first novel “Beautiful Machine” will be available for purchase on Amazon.

I would like to thank Trevor D. Richardson over at the for accepting my project and doing such a fine job on editing.

I would also like to thank Lacey-Starr Crombie for her wonderful art panels that are going into the final product.  Seriously, the whole book looks even more killer thanks to her.

Along the way Trevor asked me to do a guest post on the new Dyslexic font.  Here are my thoughts on it and some perspective on the challenges someone with this disorder might face in any walk of life, not just in writing.

In the coming weeks I will be posting more teasers and fun stuff both here and on my facebook author page-

Thank you everyone!

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